Courses I’ve taught or helped teach. If there’s a syllabus I wrote (or co-wrote) it.

The Information Age (history of information technology and organization)

Science and Literature (history of science fiction)

The Emergence of Modern Science (introductory-level history of science and technology) Syllabus

Who Owns the Past? (seminar on the mobilization of the past by present-day concerns) Syllabus

Engineering Ethics (ethical, legal, and social implications of science and technology for engineering majors)


Courses I would like to teach:

History of Biology 1800-2000

Darwinian Controversies: The Origins and Reception of Evolutionary Theories

Topics in 20th Century Biology and Society: Eugenics, Genetics, DNA

Seminar: Sex, Gender, and Biology

Seminar: Introduction to Social Theory and The Sociology of Knowledge

Seminar in Environmental History

Seminar: Reading Karl Marx’s Capital, volume 1