The lab is my field and the archives are my lab.

This is the website of Jason Oakes. I am a research associate in science and technology studies at UC Davis. I work at the intersection of history, sociology, and philosophy of science. I am currently working on a history of post-WWII modeling practices, especially of population growth and resource consumption. From time to time I will post things I’ve written on this site that I’m either still wrestling with or that seem like they won’t otherwise find a home. Please treat these as works in progress.

As of Fall 2016 I am doing some contract work with UC Berkeley’s Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society (CSTMS).

If you’re wondering about the title of this site, let’s ask Wikipedia.

Allopoiesis is the process whereby a system produces something other than the system itself. One example of this is an assembly line, where the final product (such as a car) is distinct from the machines doing the producing. This is in contrast with autopoiesis.