Remake Harvard Business School, remake the United States. (Remake the world.)

“…So to the questions of “Where were you, Charlie, when all these storm clouds were gathering?” and “What did you do? What peace marches and protest movements did you join to bring peace and justice to this troubled land?” my answer has to be I was on no firing line but on some ivory-colored cloud— believe it or not— of all places at the B-school, trying to understand who, if anyone, was going to administer all these changes and revolutions that were going on. I shall try hard not to justify this position, but neither do I want it to be discounted. I felt that in my experience there might be some clues, if not solutions, for the future. That is why I continued to write while all hell seemed to be breaking loose around me and when on many occasions I was ready to take the hemlock.”

Fritz Roethlisberger, Hawthorne Studies investigator. 1977.